This is the story of two sisters who have spent a lifetime together, a story made up of passion for fashion
and love for their family! The atelier was created in 1985 in Florence. Our business has always been to
create clothes made with perfectly handcrafted mastery and with the highest quality fabrics.


Our work starts by envisaging the garments, before selecting the most precious of fabrics and creating the
end product using top Tuscan artisans .
Classic modernity, traditional tailoring and the quality of the fabrics give our products a unique, timeless
style, created for a woman who wants to add charm to her own femininity.


​ Florence is an essential element in our creations. The rigor and elegance of Florentine Renaissance art is a
source of constant inspiration for us. Our intent has been to respect and in some way to continue the
mastery of Florentine artisans using only high quality, refined fabrics.


In recent years the business of the Silvia Berni Atelier has concentrated on iconic garments such as shirts
and fabric accessories, without forgetting our modus operandi.
Our products are cared for down to the smallest detail and made exclusively in Florence with the most
traditional techniques of Florentine craftsmanship. This, along with the top quality materials, guarantees a
product that is absolutely Made in Italy.